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The Hypnotic Eye

Future Life Progression

Although this is a relatively new and unusual concept here in the UK, the idea of accepting the possibility of being guided into a possible future life by Hypnotic Progression has been accepted for some time in America.

Future Life Progression is the opposite to Past Life Regression, in that we access positive information and insights from the client's potential future life or lives, in order to assist in the present!

Some, base FLP on the idea that time is circular, meaning that past, present and future exist at the same time (like Parallel Universe).

Others state it is a way of glimpsing future karma.

Some say time is ‘fluid' and not ‘set' so that we can dip in and out of a number of possible future life paths, which could all be altered by ‘free will' or fate!

As Therapists, we can use Future Life Progression techniques to move you forward many years in this life, (to help with events and give understanding and enlightenment); or progress you on forward 100, 200, 500 years etc from now!

Reasons clients come to these sessions are :

Fascination and interest.

To see themselves and their lives from a new and positive perspective.

Bring future skills and insights back here to the present


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