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Thought Field Therapy

What is Thought Field Therapy?

Thought Field Therapy is a very simple and unobtrusive treatment that is fast and effective, a straight forward technique for resolving difficult emotional and psychological issues, removing symptoms, but even better than that it eliminates the cause too.

TFT offers dynamic results in a very short time and is incredibly effective in treating FEARS,, PHOBIAS, ANXIETY, TRAUMA, POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (PTSD),. OCD, ADDICTIVE URGE, PHYSICAL PAIN, and many other problems that can be life-limiting, stifle personal performance, and act as barriers to healing!

The treatment involves thinking about the problem (you don’t have to go into any detail that could itself cause further stress and discomfort) and then gently tapping various meridian areas on your body - for example, the eyebrow, collarbone and back of the hand. You do this yourself following my instructions. It’s as simple as that. This process has the capability of DISABLING and often completely ELIMINATING troublesome emotional and physical responses.

Thought Field Therapy is a remarkable technique that is completely safe, non-invasive, natural, and drug-free!

Simple problems can be solved within minutes. While more complex problems such as traumas, acute anxiety, depression, addictive urge may require further investigation over two or three sessions.

How long will the benefits last?

A lifetime in many cases. A recurring problem a usually due to a toxin which has been ingested, and further exploration can usually correct this.

How exactly does TFT work?

Thought Field Therapy works by having the client tune in the upsetting thought, to simply think about their problem. Attached to that thought is what we call a ‘Perturbation’; the perturbation is the cause of negative disquietude that triggers the negative emotion. You can think of the perturbation as a switch.


Whilst the client thinks of their problem, we ask them to tap on specific points on the body on the upper body and hands. These points correspond with the classical Chinese acu-points recognised for thousands of years.  The tapping of the points has to be in a specific sequence, and this is the clever part.  In TFT we believe we are using those meridian points in much the same way as a computer operator might use a PC keyboard - as a means of inputting coded instructions.  The exact mechanism remains unknown, but by stimulating these points in the correct order we are able to deactivate the perturbation.  In other words, by tapping in the necessary code, we appear to be supplying the mind with a "delete" instruction for whatever generates the the negative emotional response.  Nothing else changes - after a successful treatment a person can have exactly the same thoughts and memories of the problem but will no longer become upset.  Without the program to run the mind and body carry on as if nothing had happened!

After treatment a person often remarks that they “can’t think about the problem now”

What they really mean is that now, after treatment, when they think of the problem they can no longer get upset, no matter how hard they try. The negative response has been ‘switched off’ and is no longer there!

General Anxiety Problems

Are anxieties, fears, phobias, panic attacks, depression, anger, addiction, past anxiety or trauma limiting your performance or happiness?

    1. Are you stuck in ‘anxiety mode’ and simply can’t seem to escape?

    2. Are you finding it difficult to get over a trauma, experience or relationship?

    3. Is stress and anxiety affecting your health (IBS) and ruining your life?

    4. Do you build up anxiety and ‘self-sabotage’ yourself each time you come close to success or happiness.

    5. Are personal problems you can’t discuss, causing you anxiety?

    6. Does the end of a relationship or loss of a loved one or pet continue to cause anxiety, stress, grief, tears, and generally upset you?

    7. Have other therapies been unable to help you?


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When I first read about TFT, I had no idea of the positive effect it was going to have on my life and the lives of so many people that I have come into contact with. I have always believed if you really want to learn something properly, go to the source. As soon as I met Roger Callahan, I was immediately impressed with his compassion and intelligence. I have been practicing TFT and evangelistically spreading the word of this wonderful technology now for several years and I never cease to be amazed by the powerful effect that it has upon people to change their lives for the better.

Paul McKenna Ph.D



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