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The Hypnotic Eye

What is Color Biopsychology Therapy

Color Biopsychology Therapy is fundermentally a life changing system using gravitational energy fields to elevate problems that are the cause of modern day stress. It's results are fast as well as simple.

Color Biopsychology removes inhibited past unresolved situations that stop you from consciously reconnecting yourself to your thoughts, feelings and actions by removing past unresolved problems.

Color Biopsychology deals with the origin of unresolved issues; these issues are the result of conflict between our soul and the balance of our mind. If we can make positive efforts, with understanding you can possibly remove the primary cause of much dis-ease.

Once our soul and personality are in harmany we can all enjoy peace, happiness and health.

Below are a list of emotions that lead to identifying unresolved experiences sucessfully:

Anger: : this you will notice manifest as everything from grumbling to rage, often misdirected or undirected.

Bargaining: : these symptoms are unrealistic attempts to get out of the situation, self denial or simply attempting to make it go away.

Anxiety: : be watchful as this can be silent or expressed; a realistic fear of an unknown and probably difficult future, or simply out of "reality fantasies".

Sadness: : is expressed with everything from silence, to tears this is the heart of the grieving process and in establishing whether the situation is situational change or unresolved psychological transition causes.

Disorientation: Sometimes when you are faced with the choice of removing a significant unresolved problem that has been with you for some time, suddenly confusion, forgetfulness, feelings of being lost and insecure are most prominent.

Depression: : these feelings of being let down, flat or dead, feelings of hopelessness being tired all the time. Like sadness and anger, depression is an emotion that you need to go through, and not around it.

Electro Magnetic Stress: We are bombarded with negative energy which is invisible, but can be felt from electromagnetic radiation that escapes from millions of domestic appliances, hi fi's televisions, as well as all the metal we carry everyday in keys watches rings etc., all acting as  an antennae which radiates disorientating energy waves. These can alter the bodies natural equilibrium and polarity, and together with the negativity of thought patterns all around us, can make us feel lifeless, lacking in energy disconnected etc.Colour biopsychology uses crystals and colour to effect change causing a transition within us which releases the negativity, helping you to feel lighter happier and more connected.

This process can potentially generate immense change and feelings of lightness and well being, almost as if the fog has been removed.





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